The way we are living,
timorous or bold,
will have been our life. ”     
 Seamus  Heaney


On Beer (3)

“The new Beer Bill  has begun its operations. Everybody is drunk. Those who are not singing are sprawling. The sovereign people are in a beastly state”  (A letter from Sydney John Murray referring to The Beer Act of 1830) Lady Holland, A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith The sergeant stated that the defendant staggered … Continue reading “On Beer (3)”

The Green revolution

A couple of days spent on a jolly in Bordeaux mid-week and an exceedingly long birthday lunch party at a neighbour’s house put paid to any plans for the usual Sunday summary from Poitiers, but the extra day has given me time to catch up with the French municipal elections, which took place yesterday. Many … Continue reading “The Green revolution”

Twomey or not Twomey

Last Sunday evening President Macron appeared on TV announcing the latest changes to the lockdown regulations. As of Monday (the following day), all bars and restaurants would reopen again, including in Paris, where only terraces had been able to get back in business. All travel into European countries would again be allowed. That means everyone … Continue reading “Twomey or not Twomey”

Dick Turpin

I’m slowly getting used to wearing my mask in public. Their use is now compulsory in many shops, and one is obliged to wear them when entering bars and restaurants, although they can be removed once you are seated. Shop and restaurant staff tend to wear disposable masks, as they need to change then regularly, … Continue reading “Dick Turpin”

Out and about

Out at 07.00 on Monday morning. I wanted to take some photos on the last day of confinement, which started on March 17th and has lasted 77 days. For us, it hasn’t been particularly difficult. We have plenty of room, more than enough books and DVDs, and good Wi-Fi to keep in touch with family … Continue reading “Out and about”