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This and that

Poitiers has gone for a decidedly minimalist approach to its Christmas tree this year *** The Daily Mash on Sir Philip Green’s reaction to recent events *** Brian Bilston is a poet who regularly appears on Twitter and is always interesting. If you replace Liverpool with Fulham, his latest poem so accurately reflects my life … Continue reading “This and that”

The wait goes on…

“Hoo-oo ha-a ha-a hoo-ooPrecious momentsWhen will I see you again?When will we share precious moments?” This week both England and France set out their plans for the next stage in dealing with Covid-19. It is interesting to compare the two. (Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have their own schedules.) In England, the lockdown period will … Continue reading “The wait goes on…”

Bye Bye Boulangerie

Sadly, La Pâtisserie Blossac in Rue de la Tranchée closed last Sunday. The proprietors, Serge and Isabelle Richefort, are finally retiring, thirty-seven years after Isabelle, an accountant by training, joined up with her brother to start the business. A group of customers gathered together for a small celebration at the shop on the Friday before … Continue reading “Bye Bye Boulangerie”